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At David Dixon Garden Machinery we supply the North East with the latest garden technology. This time around it is the Husqvarna Robotic Automower and the Garden Robotic Lawnmower. These mowers can work around the clock to provide you with a healthy lawn. All it takes is to launch the automower and it will soon become your favourite garden appliance. The robotic mower has the ability to :

  • Work in all weather conditions 
  • Go up and down slopes
  • Work in complex spaces
  • Run without you being home 
  • Take its self to and from the charging port
  • Work in narrow passages
  • Can mow any sized lawn. 

The clever Husqvarna robotic mower consists of three blades which continue to make clean cuts all around the lawn. By clipping grass closer to the ground they also make for better fertilization and a cleaner garden!

The robot lawn mowers work in random patterns meaning no tracks will be in your grass. Due to the battery powered technology the machines work with a low noise and can work during the night. The mower can be pre-programmed to work whenever you like, ideal for the busy home.

If you want something to get to work cutting the grass while you sit back, take a look below at our robot lawnmowers for the best machines around.

Check out the range of accessories for the robot mowers here.

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