Brushcutters and Grass Strimmers

Jobs such as brushcutting and grass trimming can be difficult for both the operator and the machine. At David Dixon, we have got petrol and cordless Brushcutters for you. The store also supplies Cordless and Electric Grass Strimmer to help you complete these jobs in a timely fashion alongside great results! 

These heavy-duty machines are easy to handle. Here at David Dixon's harnesses we also supply to make this even easier. Pros of these brushcutters and trimmers are: 

  • Precise trimmer head - allowing access to small and difficult areas
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Robust design 
  • Light and powerful

The new design on these machines reduces the number of harmful exhaust emissions making it more economical. Husqvarna products will last you over a long period of time with their robust design. At David Dixon's we also offer to service products for a fee.

Take a look at the attachments we can offer for the machines. With an easy to remove shaft making these cutters very versatile. And the lightness of the machine makes it easy to transport and store your equipment. These garden power tools are great for everyone. 

Alongside the Husqvarna models we also stock a range of Alpina petrol brushcutters. 

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