One battery fits all Husqvarna Garden Machinery

It’s quieter, cleaner, easier, more comfortable, more convenient and it can work out a lot cheaper!  No pulling and straining to start, light and easy to handle for those who struggle with petrol products.

If any of your petrol powered equipment needs replacing, the latest battery-powered models may suit you. Battery powered products have been around for a while, but these days it is the new technology Lithium-Ion batteries that make the difference – charge the battery and they are ready to go.

Li-ion batteries don’t lose power in storage like the older generation batteries, nor do you have to charge them fully and run them down fully. (Old batteries would “remember” the high and low level and charge or drain to that, so if you only half-used the power they would charge back to half power only.) With the new batteries, you can work little and often and you don’t need to worry about battery power or health. Just stop when you need to and go back to it when you are ready. Or, put it on charge when only half-used and it won’t cause any problems.

Also to be considered is the substantial cost saving, the initial outlay may seem expensive, but at approximately 1 to 2p for a re-charge versus 80p to £1.00 for a tank of petrol it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out the benefits, then there’s the servicing, Li-ion works out at around half that of petrol as there is no need for the constant changing of expensive oils and filters.  Try to think of your battery purchase as an almost pre-paid fuel supply, manufacturers typically guaranteeing the batteries for around 1,000 charges and expecting 50% more (1,500), that’s a lot of tanks of petrol!

Another saving factor is that if you do your research and choose carefully your first battery powered product, you will be able to add to your collection at a much cheaper price by using the same batteries and charger you initially bought, to sum up, think about your total gardening needs and choose the brand that has all of the products.  Look out for bundle deals or kits!  They will save you a lot of money.

All about the power

There are many brands of Li-ion battery powered products, each manufacturer claiming have the best solution, generally by being portrayed to be the most powerful.  24volt, 36volt, 48volt, 60volt and 80volt are among the many offerings, however, it’s the sustainability, the amp / hours AH that makes the difference, or the most important factor to consider, which is the runtime.  Remember

What can I get?

Grass trimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, walk behind, robotic and ride on lawnmowers are all available in battery power and have comparable power outputs to that of their petrol counterparts.

Is it for me?

For those seeking green credentials, it’s a must have, also for contractors or operators who work in schools, hospitals, parks or residential areas where noise or pollution restrictions are in place it is a very desirable solution, with negligible HA vibration figures.

If you would like to view our Li-ion battery products, for further advice, demonstrations or no obligation garden visits please contact us on 01434 606060.