How to prepare your lawnmower for spring

Prepare your lawnmower for spring

It’s time to rescue your trusty lawnmower from its winter slumber and get it ready for the mowing season.

Something well worth doing is spending some time on cleaning, checking and renewing as it will save you so much time and aggravation, should it fail you when the grass is growing and you just want to get it cut. We’ve all heard the saying, a stitch in time saves nine!

Plan in some time, go to the shed or garage and drag it out, if you don’t fancy it or don’t have time, call us and have it collected or drop it off and we’ll take care of the work for you, see our menu servicing. Be an early bird, we get really busy soon!

Look it over

First, disconnect the spark plug in case of an accidental startup.

Disconnect Spark Plug
Check the wheels, the blade(s), the belts (these may be hidden under covers) and all of the bolts, if there is anything loose, tighten (but do not over-tighten), if there is anything that needs to be replaced, now is the time.

Wash and brush up

Drain the fuel and oil, replace the oil drain plug if you’ve removed it, tip the mower on its side and pull out all of the loose debris from under the deck and around the blade (be careful, don’t cut yourself on the blade(s). Give the underside a good scrub with a suitable cleaner and a brush, then remove all residue.

Spray vegetable oil on the underside deck

Spray on a coating of vegetable oil on the underside of the deck to stop the grass from sticking on (be careful not to get any on the belt(s), this will also inhibit rust.

Check / Sharpen / replace Blade(s)

Visually inspect the blade(s), they get damaged by stones and become notched, a few notches is OK, however more will make an uneven finish, stress the mower, use more fuel and leave a torn finish to the grass We can sharpen the blade for you, or supply replacements, if you choose the DIY option, make sure that you observe the cutting angles and remove equal amounts of metal from each cutting edge to keep the blade balanced, if not, your mower will shake itself into an early grave!

Check lawnmower blade balance

Check blade balance by knocking a nail into your shed wall, hang the blade by the bolt hole, horizontally it should stay roughly where you put it, if not, remove some metal from the edge that points downwards.

Now put your mower back on its wheels.

The Oil

Most people know that they need to keep the oil in their mowers up to their proper levels, but not all people know that the oil in the mower should be changed before the beginning of every season, this massively reduces wear on the engine, as last years” oil will be full of particles and impurities. It’s now time to fill up with fresh oil. Most lawnmowers us an SAE 30 or 10W-40 grade and take 0.6 litre of oil, you can buy this exact size, better still a 1 litre will allow for top-ups in season, we stock both sizes. Pour in the oil and keep checking, stop when you get to the correct level on the dipstick.

The Fuel

Fuel that is older than 30 days can gum up your carburetor and could destroy your mower faster than just about anything else! Modern petrol contains ethanol (water based) and this separates when standing, you can probably guess what usually follows.

Use an Alkalyte petrol such as Aspen 4 (in stock now), this is an environmentally friendly fuel which contains less harmful ingredients, therefore less harmful to breathe and no ethanol so it can stay in your mower for up to 3 years and still be fresh. Check the fuel pipes for deterioration and leaks, then fill up with fresh fuel.

Use Aspen fuel

Replace The Air Filter

The air filter should be replaced at the start of each season. Whether it looks like it needs it or not. Not replacing it can result in damage to your mower, or at the very least, reduced fuel efficiency. We stock most air filters.

Lubricate The Mower

All moving parts on your mower should be lubricated with some general purpose oil to ensure that they remain in good working condition. This includes the wheels and wheel bearings.

You’re nearly done

Re-connect the spark plug, prime the fuel (if not ready a start engine) and start, see that it’s running smoothly, stop and re-check / top up the oil to the correct level on the dipstick, check all functions of the mower, height of cut, self drive mechanism if fitted and finally the stop mechanism There we are, one mower that is ready to mow! Please remember that if you get stuck along the way and want us to handle your mower, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.
Lastly, if you think your mower is on its last legs, it’s no longer suitable for your mowing requirements, or you just fancy a change, give us a call, or visit our new showroom. We always give a generous part exchange allowance.

Robotic Mower the Husqvarna Automower
Also to be considered, if you don’t want to, cut grass, don’t have the time or just can’t manage anymore, the Robot Mower. The Robot Mower will take care of the job from start to finish, no mowing, no cuttings, no dodging the rain as it will cut in all weathers, even when you are on holiday. These mowers will handle some fair slopes. We can carry out the installation, show you how to use it and service your Robot Mower. Plan ahead and be ready for the grass cutting season!

Happy Mowing!